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Cannon Beach Area

Trying to describe Cannon Beach in a few words is like trying to take its picture – a few snapshots just don’t suffice.

The village consists of quaint classy shops. A walk downtown fills the senses and stirs creativity whether one is sampling candied apples, espresso, fresh baked goodies or viewing impressive bronzes.

There are two art weekends each year – The Stormy Weather Arts Festival and the Spring Unveiling. One year we stood in the courtyard viewing the lunar eclipse, sipping wine and tasting gourmet goodies while the shops glittered with sculptures, paintings, jewelry.

Dining is another artistic pixel of the Cannon Beach picture. Everything from clam chowder to chocolate is tweaked and interpreted.

The Coaster Theater adds to the mix. Gifted local talents supply a year round selection of quality entertainment.

Even the homes in Cannon Beach are places of expression. Styles ranges from whimsy to elegance with no two being alike.  We enjoy being part of the creative process with our customers.

Then there is the natural beauty – mountains shrouded in mist, miles of beach, Haystack Rock, puffins, elk, otters, Ecola Creek. The view from Ecola State Park is worth savoring with a picnic and plenty of film. If the sampling and savoring has been sedative, there are easy hikes to get the energy flowing again.

When people come here to visit they slow down, relax, and hold hands. They fly kites and watch the sunset. They build sandcastles and ride horses.  They sit around a beach fire and sing songs. Seashells collect in pockets. Sand collects everywhere. Peace gets down in the soul. Visitors return home rested and refreshed.


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