Storm Damage 



Storm Damage
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Cannon Beach Area

In December 2007, a massive storm hit the north coast of Oregon, bringing with it up to 14 inches of rainfall in some areas, sustained winds of over 100 MPH, and gusts of over 120 MPH.  The storm continued for nearly 48 hours.  The city of Cannon Beach was without power, telephone and cell phone service for several days and many houses were damaged by the winds, falling trees, and flying debris.  Roads were closed by mudslides and downed trees for several days; some roads were closed for several months.  Local businesses and volunteers donated food, time, and expertise to help those in need by setting up a shelter and free food at the Cannon Beach Presbyterian Church.  Cannon Beach Construction was there to help with road opening, tree removal, and roofing, siding, and window repair. 

If you have to endure a natural disaster, Cannon Beach is the place to be.  Along with M.R.E.s from the military and sandwiches from the Red Cross, local businesses supplied sausage gravy, clam chowder, and fresh roasted and brewed coffee.  The people of Cannon Beach rolled up their sleeves and helped each other and the community out. 

This storm was a lesson in coastal home ownership.  Many people were forced to discard all of the food in their freezers, and they had to rely on friends and neighbors for heat and food.  To be prepared for the next storm, a homeowner needs a gas stove, generator, and supplies to last a week. 


Highway 26 was covered with debris and completely   blocked with fallen trees:

A tree fell through a garage:


Entire stands of trees were destroyed by the wind:


  Houses were flooded by rising waters:



 Local residents lend a helping hand removing trees:


Long stretches of local roads were closed for weeks by down trees: